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The Research Team

Dr Sandra Bucci B.Sc (Psychology; Hons), DClinPsyc.

Dr Sandra Bucci is a Clinical Psychologist and Research Fellow at The University of Manchester. Sandra Bucci has around 10 years' experience working as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist within the health service. Her main areas of research have been in the development and application of cognitive behaviour therapies. She has conducted the majority of her research and clinical work in Australia

Professor Nicholas Tarrier B Sc (Hons), M Sc (Exp Psych), M Sc (Clin Psych), PhD.

Nick Tarrier has been professor of Clinical Psychology at Manchester University, UK since 1991 and involved in clinical research since 1974. Nick Tarrier’s main areas of research have been in the development and evaluation of cognitive behaviour therapies. In 2007, he was awarded The MB Shapiro Lecture award of the Division of Clinical Psychology, British Psychological Society and in 2008 the Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies Trailblazer award. He is past Chair of the British Association for Behaviour and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP)

Christine Bundy PhD. C. Health Psychol., AFBPS.

Dr Chris Bundy is a Chartered Health Psychologist and has worked with people with medical conditions for the last 15 years. Christine Bundy specialises in helping people manage the psychological aspects of living with long-term medical conditions. She is a senior lecturer in Psychology applied to Medicine and is based in the Medical School at The University of Manchester

Professor Christopher Griffiths. B Sc MB BS MD FRCP FRCPath.

Professor Chris Griffiths is Foundation Professor of Dermatology at the University of Manchester. He has a 25-year interest in psoriasis from both a point of treatment and research. He founded the Manchester psoriasis clinic and is winner of the hospital doctor of the year award in 2002. Chris Griffiths deals with all cases of psoriasis, particularly patients who require systemic therapies. In 2004 he co-founded the International Psoriasis Council and arguably runs the most comprehensive psoriasis research programme in the world.

Binder Kaur BSc (Hons), MSc (health psych)

Binder Kaur is a research fellow in clinical/health psychology at University of Manchester. She has worked on various health-related research with a particular focus on understanding health beliefs and behavioural decision-making.

eTIPs builds on initial work carried out by the Psychodermatology Research Group at HOPE Hospital, Salford, England (see Fortune, D. & colleagues, 2002, 2003).